Fishing Championships and Tournaments in Canada

With fishing being one of the most active and enjoyable outdoor sports activities in Canada, there are many championships to watch or to take part as a professional. With diverse types of fishing activities,some championships or tournaments may be focused on one specific type of fishing, such as fly fishing or ice fishing.

This is an overview of the most well-attended and popular tournaments and championships.

Canadian Ice Fishing Championship

The Canadian Ice Fishing Championship is their most well-known fishing championship in Canada. The championship stands as an annual 2-day event taking place on Lake Simcoe in Ontario. The event draws anglers from both Canada and the US but also smaller groups from other countries.

The first day of the championship stands as ‘Big Fish Day’ for anglers to fish in the deep water and try to catch the biggest fish possible. The catches get measured in length and width to determine the largest fish.

Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship

The Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship is one of the most popular tournaments for Canadians to attend. The championship usually runs for a couple of days over a weekend. The event has many entertainment aspects for those who want to witness the activities without fishing and acts as a wonderful way for families to get together.

2021 saw the championship having to back down with the entertainment, tents, and abundance of attendees. But 2022 is set to be back to normal, with the championship being able to operate fully during July.

FLW Canada

The Competitive Sport Fishing League is the leading tournament series in Canada, with a diverse series of events that cater to amateurs and professionals in fishing. They have hosted over 750 events in Canada, with some of the most important championships and tournaments in fishing. The FLW has more than 24 years of experience in hosting large fishing tournaments and championships in a variety of leagues.

FLW hosts various tournaments right through the year for all fishers and sports lovers to enjoy some of the most competitive fishing championships and tournaments to be found in Canada.

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