Fishing Blogs

Fishing is seen as a serious sport and as a fun hobby throughout Canada. No matter what your viewpoint is on the sport, you can find all the necessary information as a beginner or more advanced fisher on any of these blogs.

Outdoor Canada / Fishing –

Outdoor Canada stands as the only national fishing and hunting magazine in Canada. They have been providing fishing and hunting articles to readers since 1972 with a mix of advice articles, buyers’ guides into fishing products, and expert analyses into fishing techniques and destinations.

Pacific Angler Blog –

The Pacific Angler Blog is based in Vancouver with a focus on being a reliable source for fans of fishing to get reports, industry news updates, products, classes, courses, guiding, and destination travel. This blog is a helpful tool in everything from finding fishing advice to learning about the new fishing spots to try out throughout Canada.

Hunt Fish Manitoba Blogs –

This blog is based in Manitoba, Canada and posts regular updates on the local fishing scene. They provide up-to-date information on special fishing events in the local community and release articles and videos on various topics in fishing, including fishing destinations and hunting experiences. The blog provides regular updates for reliable information.

Into Fly Fishing –

This blog is dedicated to spreading love and awareness of the fun and positive aspects of taking up fly fishing. They believe fly fishing is one of the most incredible outdoor sports to enjoy in Canada and that it is more than just a hobby. They provide interesting advice to beginners and more advanced fishers.

Island Fisherman Magazine –

Island Fisherman Magazine is based in Nanaimo, Canada and has been providing valuable information to fishers in Canada since 2000. The magazine is well-known as a reliable resource with the international sportfishing community and provides frequently updated articles.

Visit the blogs on this page for news and guides into fishing in Canada.

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