Top Fishing Destinations in Canada

The coast of Canada provides some of the most astonishingly beautiful fishing destinations to see. Each province provides something unique and wonderful to a fishing experience. With the clear waters in the northern lakes and the exciting ocean fishing activities on the west coast, anglers from around the world are drawn to Canada’s fishing destinations each year.

Here we look at some of the most beautiful and lucrative fishing destinations in Canada.

Queen Charlotte Islands – British Columbia

Queen charlotte islands are the ancestral homeland of the ancient Haida. Around the island, you can find an abundance of wildlife, with large salmon schools swimming through the shoreline.

Reindeer Lake -Saskatchewan

Reindeer lake is a fascinating destination for fishing due to the open views and clear water. It is known to be the ninth largest lake in Canada and holds something for nature lovers and anglers as a traditional fishing destination.

Tree River – Nunavut

Tree River is situated on the edge of the continent and provides a unique and remove river for a fishing experience like no other. With clear water and pristine wilderness views, the lake also provides the best Arctic Charr Salmon in Canada. Fishing at the Tree River is an unforgettable experience for any angler, even if the Charr is elusive for catching.

Eagle Lake -Ontario

Eagle lake is situated in the heart of Ontario. The lake and its views are seen as true Canadian wilderness, providing some of the most beautiful scenery for a fishing experience. The lake is dotted with large islands and spans almost a hundred kilometres long.

Almost any species of fish can be caught at Eagle Lake, including Northern Pike, Walley, Trout, Small Mouth Bass, and more.

These are the most popular fishing destinations in Canada not only for their beauty but also for the abundance of different fish species which can be caught. Visit any of these fishing destinations for a truly remarkable fishing experience.

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