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  Spring Perch Attack Rules
  Rules and Application Rules and Applications Download Register Online

Spring Perch Attack - 2011 INFORMATION

Saturday, April 30 , 2011   .
ENTRY FEES  $150  Per (two person) team.
Tournament times  8:00am to 3:00pm.
Registration starts at 6:30


Perch Attack 2011 Rules

1/ Entry fees and deposits are non-refundable.

2. At least one member must be 18 years of age. Note: entrants under 16 years of age must fish with a partner 18 years or older and must have a signed parental consent.

3/ Zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct.

4/ Only Perch will count.

5/ Possession:  15 perch ……to be weighed in. 

6/ Entrants must wear an approved personal floatation a device at all times while the combustion engine is running.

7/ No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be consumed or be in the possession of any competitor or boat while fishing.

8/ A Sport Ontario fishing License is required and you may be asked to produce it at any time.

9/ All federal and provincial fishing, boating and criminal laws must be obeyed at all times.

10/ No fishing is permitted within 100 feet of another boat.

11/ Identification numbers must be affixed on motor, outside windshield or flag post clearly visible.

12/ Do not board or approach another vessel during the event unless there is an emergency.


14/ In the  case of extreme weather conditions, the tournament may be delayed or rescheduled to May 1st.

15/ Boats must be 14 ft or greater and no canoes.

16/ Any protest of violations made prior to check-in time must be made at the check-in boat. Any violations occurring after   check-in can be made to the Tournament Director. Protest cost is $50.

17/ Tournament  Director rulings are final. No refunds if disqualified

18/ In the case there is a tie for first place; there will be a coin toss to decide the winner. Combining the pay out spots and  splitting the money equally will resolve ties for other positions.

19/ Live Bait is allowed.
20/ All teams must be back to the launch by 3:00pm. A penalty of one pound will be assessed for every 3 minutes you are late or part there of.

21/  Blast off will be at 8:00 am at Sibbald Provincial Park on Park Rd., Sutton Ont. Check in will start at 6:30 am. Rain date  will be May 1st. No refunds if rain dated.

22/ Pre registration per team is $150. ($170. at event) plus $20 for the Big Fish Pool (optional)


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